Thursday, 27 December 2012

Unraveling the Onion of Inception

Inception is an awesome film, combination tragi-thriller-scifi-heist. Having just watched it for the second time, I had an odd compulsion, not to write a review, but to explore the events of the film in a visual manner for all to see. Well not so much events as the layers of dreams within dreams of the onion of a film that is Inception. 
I'm not sure this will make any sense to anyone that hasn't seen Inception, but nevertheless would like to declare a *SPOILER ALERT,* don't read on if you haven't seen the film unless you have an irrational non fear of spoilers.

This really started in order for me to get my own head around the film when I thought I was being clever and spotting gaping plot holes (I wasn't). What you're seeing is a diagrammatic representation of the nested layers of reality during the main sequence of attempted inception. The outer most layer is the so assumed 'real world' and the dreams are the concentric circles within. I haven't researched this quite as thoroughly as I could have - for example I'm just assuming a constant 5 min:1 hr ratio of time stretching between each layer - but such details don't feel too important for this chart. This is not intended to answer every question, but just to define a structure to help keep track of the film while thinking things such as "does he really need to fall off that balcony when his heart is being electrocuted?" "is that thing going to stop spinning?" and "just wtf is going on here anyway?!"

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