Saturday, 23 April 2011


I came across this short film from AJ Bond at the Duke Mitchell film club a few months ago, and found it close to cinematic perfection.

With a simple and well thought out science fiction concept, convincing yet free of technobabble, this is an incredibly human tale of a man meeting his future self. It addresses all the questions and reflections one might ask in such a situation such as whether he is happy with where he came from? does he like his future self? how do his actions now affect the future course of events?

It is paced thoughtfully and shot beautifully by Amy Belling, a poetic 13 minute tragedy. It will play on your mind for both its haunting nature, and as you try and unravel the multiple twisted timelines. Written, directed and starring AJ Bond, he is definitely one to watch.

Hirsute is available to view in its entirety on AJ Bond's vimeo page.

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